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Consult the search tools of the collection below and when locating the item write down:

  • title of the fund or collection to which the document belongs;
  • physical location code;
  • journal title and year;
  • book call number.


Tools for consulting the collection:
  • Redisap: Detailed description of the documentary sets.
  • Pesquisarqh (Restricted to the Unicamp community).Detailed description of the documentary sets. A large part of the bibliographic materials (leaflets and periodicals) are also cataloged.
  • Collection Guide: It presents the summary of some sets of documents for the dissemination of the collection. Includes access link to  research instruments  and  scanned documents.
  • Digital Collection (AEL Digit@l):Access to scanned documents available for download.
  • Base Stack:Online catalog of the Unicamp Library System (SBU) that allows carrying out bibliographic research in the AEL collection and in the libraries, colleges, centers and nuclei of the university. All the books that make up the AEL funds and collections are cataloged, in addition to a part of pamphlets and periodicals. 
  • Repository of Scientific and Intellectual Production at Unicamp: Official instrument for collecting, organizing, disseminating and preserving all the knowledge produced at the University.


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